Sharing the Good Things Newsletter Spring 2018

Sharing the Good Things

 Waypoint's 5th Annual Fundraising Dinner
More than $70,000 raised at Waypoint's 5th Annual 
Fundraising Dinner
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 Youth Summit Making progress at the CHIGAMIK/Waypoint Health Hub 
More than 100 youth 
from across 
the region
attend Youth Summit

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Making progress at the 
Health Hub

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 How Specialized Geriatric Services are helping local seniors  Making an impact as a volunteer Board Member
How Specialized 
Geriatric Services are 
helping local seniors
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Making an impact as a 
volunteer Board Member
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The Royal  Research Trauma Project 
The Royal partners with
Waypoint and Ontario 
Shores in
Electronic Health Record project

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Waypoint leads multi-site project to
trauma in the workplace
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Momentum - Research Realized Conference
 Join us at the Waypoint Research Institute

6th Annual Conference May 14-16, 2018

Keynote Speakers

  Maureen Dobbins    Andrew Szeto
Maureen Dobbins                   Andrew Szeto
McMaster University          University of Calgary
HealthEvidence                      Mental Health
National Collaborating         Commission of Canada
Centre for Methods and Tools                                                

For more info visit our conference page




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