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Waypoint is a specialty mental health and addiction teaching hospital. Through leading edge research, clinical expertise and the dedication of staff and volunteers, Waypoint is changing the face of mental health and addiction care, locally, provincially and nationally.
We are stronger together. Your support helps dispel stigma, advance understanding, 
and improve lives.


Your contributions have been a big part of Waypoint’s success over the years, including the Horizon Program. We can’t thank you enough for your support as a donor and friend.

Waypoint has some of the best clinicians in the field of mental health, but they need the right tools to care for your loved ones. Your donation today can help give our expert staff the right tools to provide the best care possible.
A few years ago, the program received a wonderful gift from a family member who regularly visited the unit to support their loved one. This family member saw the need other patients had for this same comfort and companionship. This wonderful gift provided a Christmas celebration similar to what the patients might have enjoyed at home and gave them the opportunity to enjoy the Christmas season with comfort and love.
Generous donors like you allowed the program to purchase a patient lift in recent years. This lift enables staff to care for patients safely and maintain their dignity. By reducing risks in the care process, we gain the opportunity to have more meaningful engagements, making a positive difference in patient health outcomes.
This year, the Horizon Program alone has a priority list of equipment needs totaling $113,000. Purchases like geriatric chairs, beds and lifts help to reduce the risk of injury from falls. As a supporter of Waypoint you know first-hand the Government of Ontario does not provide funding to purchase or replace aging equipment. We need your help!
Please consider making a gift today to support the purchase of critical equipment for the Horizon Program at Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care. Be part of a winning team ensuring the best possible care is available to help our aging patients struggling with a mental illness. Your gift will have a huge impact on patient care.