2018 Caring Core Value Award Recipient - Jim Zimmerman
Jim ZimmermanJim Zimmerman
2018 Caring Core Value Award Recipient
Nominated by Chris Prete, Larry Silk, Gord Davenport, Blaire MacMillan and Keri Craftchick

Jim has worked on the Bayview program for a number of years and is highly regarded by patients and staff. He treats everyone with compassionate sensitivity and his upbeat attitude is infectious. Jim is a valuable member of the team, particularly during Code Whites, either reassuring other patients or directly helping the individual in crisis. In addition to meticulous cleaning, Jim supports patients in their journey to recovery, always finding tasks for patients who are eager for something worthwhile to do. This enhances their self-worth and pride in assisting with tasks on the program. Jim’s consistent and thorough efforts go a long way to making the living and working environment a lot more pleasant. He is part of the team, taking his job seriously and the program benefits from his efforts.