2018 Teamwork Core Value Award Recipients
Teamwork - Trauma in the Workplace ProjectTeamwork
Elke Ham, Rebecca Harris, Zoe Hilton & Kayla Sherborn
2018 Teamwork Core Value Award Recipient
Nominated by the John Weekes

This team has been working on a first-in-Canada research project to examine the unique mental health status amongst professionals who offer mental health care to others. The study involves coordinated surveys, focus groups and extensive one-to-one interviews with staff from Waypoint and The Royal. This large scale project is funded in part by the Ministry of Labour and WorkSafeBC, which requires constant communication, coordination and oversight between the team members to ensure this project's success and adherence to the ambitious timeline and budget. This research represents a superlative example of the important scientific research being undertaken by the Waypoint Research Institute, and the team's unwavering commitment to the overall goal of psychological health, safety and wellness of mental health professionals is key to the ultimate success.