How Specialized Geriatric Services are helping local seniors
How Specialized Geriatric Services are helping local seniors

Waypoint is proud to be the lead agency for the North Simcoe Muskoka Specialized Geriatric Services (SGS). The SGS goal is to offer collaborative, integrated care for frail seniors and their caregivers. After less than a year, the team is already seeing results of the hard work.

According to program director Sandra Easson-Bruno, there have been many recent success stories, but one in particular stands out. “A local senior was admitted to long-term care after being in hospital for three years,” she shares. “During her time in hospital, the health care team helped manage her behaviours and support her needs. They also developed and implemented a care plan to support her transition to long-term care. However, with a change in environment and staff, the woman’s behaviours increased which included her refusing personal care, creating a difficult environment for the woman, her co-residents and staff.”

The SGS Team
 The NSM Behavioural Support System (BSS) team - working together to support our frail seniors

Seeking additional support, the home made a referral to the SGS Behaviour Support System (BSS) team. 

“The BSS team spent time observing the resident and her behaviours, identifying triggers tied to pain, meals, continence and sleep patterns. As a result, they were able to implement a variety of strategies that included incorporating doll therapy and collaborated with the home’s staff to ensure appropriate pain management throughout the day. The team also provided coaching to the home’s staff to support their knowledge and comfort levels.”

The BSS team’s collaboration with the long-term care home staff resulted in a significant reduction in responsive behaviours, as well as increased rapport between staff and the resident. "As a result of changes in the care plan, target behaviours were reduced from 61 documented behaviours in the 4 weeks prior to BSS involvement, to just 6 behaviours following.”


It’s evident that the efforts of the specialized geriatric services team in implementing consistent routines and care approaches can promote dignity and have a positive impact on a person’s quality of life by reducing responsive behaviours, increasing staff confidence and building positive relationships between individuals and their health service providers. The team is hoping to have a long list of stories just like this one as they continue to change processes, gain new knowledge and implement new strategies to support North Simcoe Muskoka residents.