Corporate Scorecard

Transparency and accountability are important to us as an organization. They represent our commitment to measure our performance and the value we place on communicating our performance to patients, staff, community and other healthcare providers.

In 2009, Waypoint introduced the Corporate Scorecard to measure our performance in the areas of our strategic directions: People We Serve, People Who Serve, Corporate Performance, Partnerships and Research and Academics.

The Board of Directors and Senior Leadership Team use this tool to evaluate our performance and to measure the success of our initiatives. The Corporate Scorecard indicates how our activities support the strategic directions of the organization.

Corporate Scorecard

2017/2018 Corporate Scorecard

2016/2017 Corporate Scorecard Q3

2015/2016 Corporate Scorecard Q4
2014/2015 Corporate Scorecard Q4 - revised June 22, 2015
2013/2014 Corporate Scorecard Q4
2012/2013 Corporate Scorecard Q4
2011/2012 Corporate Scorecard Q4