Giving back for being forever grateful to Waypoint
Giving back for being forever grateful to Waypoint
Posted on 07/12/2016
Waypoint is supported by a community of mental health  advocates, dedicated to improving lives and providing hope for people faced with mental illness and addiction. Cathy Floyd and her Cathy and Paul Floyd
husband Paul are part of this community and long-time supporters of Waypoint.“As a result of my own personal experiences with mental health issues and having spent most of my teaching career working with children with a wide range of mental health disorders, I have become an avid supporter of mental health awareness and wellness,” says Cathy.

Cathy’s inspiration for giving back comes from a number of very personal and life changing experiences. “Having had intermittent, but brief hospitalizations on the acute unit at Waypoint a few years back, I have a clearer understanding and appreciation for mental health care facilities.” Cathy recognizes the exemplary mental health professionals who were involved in her care. “In addition to their psychiatric expertise, these individuals took a genuine interest in my overall well-being by being truly compassionate, understanding, patient and empathetic.” 

Through this difficult time Cathy learned first-hand the importance of compassion, support and understanding for those on the path to recovery. From the psychiatric nurses to staff working in the canteen, they lifted her spirits with their kindness. “Sometimes it was the simplest of gestures, such as a warm smile or a few encouraging words that gave me the sense that all would be well in due time; and for that I’m forever grateful.”

In addition to her own personal story of mental illness and recovery, Cathy has also been a support for those around her struggling with mental health issues “As a special education teacher of students with severe autism, I see the challenges they face each and every day. Having had a brother, Bruce, with a severe form of autism, these children have always held a special place in my heart. And because of that, I have become a strong advocate for their rights and acceptance in the community.”

Understanding of Waypoint’s fundraising needs, Cathy and Paul began making annual donations to the hospital. “Truthfully, knowing first-hand how scary and debilitating mental illness can be, making a contribution in support of the patients at Waypoint is the least I can do.” In addition to her annual contribution, Cathy has begun raising awareness and funds for mental health in her school, organizing a volleyball game between students and staff to support the cause. 

Through her story Cathy provides hope and inspiration to others. She signs off saying, “I feel so fortunate to have regained my health, and hope that others who suffer from mental health issues will find solace and comfort in their lives. It’s a tough illness to fight alone.”

This story is included in our 2015/2016 Annual Report. To read the full report, please visit our Publications page.