Sharing the Christmas spirit with Waypoint's winter newsletter
Sharing the Christmas spirit with Waypoint's winter newsletter
Posted on 12/23/2016
We hope this newsletter finds you well this Christmas season. As the new year approaches, we reflect on what has transpired this past year are thankful for the many challenges and opportunities we have been given.

Thank you for being a part of our Waypoint family and helping us advance understanding and improve lives. You have come to our community events, helped us advocate for people struggling with mental illness, volunteered your time to support our patients and you have donated to our hospital, investing in a hopeful future for anyone seeking mental health care. 
So many good things are happening at Waypoint and we want to share them with you. We hope you enjoy reading the stories we chose to include in our winter edition of Sharing the Good Things.

Sharing the Good Things
 Dr. Russ Fleming

From psychiatrist to volunteer - 
Dr. Russ Fleming gives back
After a nearly 45 year career, Dr. Russ Fleming is back at Waypoint as a volunteer.

 Frank Kee as Santa Santa works at Waypoint
Special thanks to Frank Kee for being Waypoint's Santa for a decade.
 Melissa Robinson and JoAnn Pelletier-Bressette Thanking our supporters at the
Hope for Mental Health event

An event on Giving Tuesday to recognize our donors, event sponsors, partners, volunteers and employers who support
our clients.

 Dustin Kenney, John Rodnick and Lea Charlebois Recognizing the value of education
Recognizing our peers for their excellence in values-based behaviour. Dustin Kenney, John Rodnick and Lea Charlebois were the 2016 Teamwork award recipients.

Séan McCann
An Evening with Séan McCann - Friday March 24, 2017

The 4th Annual Waypoint Fundraising Dinner

Join us for dinner and meet this incredible singer,
songwriter and mental health advocate. 

Contact Holly Archer at
to reserve your tickets to the sell-out event.

 Pool Wheelchair Your donations are making a difference
See the impact your donations have made over the last year.
 Jennifer, Ken and Jason Captain Ken's Diner and Waypoint - 
A partnership made in fish and chip heaven
Ken Cowan knows the positive benefits of meaningful work, that's why he supports Waypoint clients.
 Karl Duell and Jeannie Borg A paperless record for the future
Waypoint is well on it's way to implementing a completely paperless electronic health record.
 Coldest Night of the year February 25, 2017 - 2, 5 or 10 km Walk

Join us on February 25, 2017 when we partner with Community Reach for this super-fun, family-friendly fundraiser to raise money for the hungry, homeless and hurting in our community.

Visit for more info.

 Laura Ball Knowledge Translation - What is it and
what are we doing about it? 

How we are bridging the "know-do" gap at Waypoint with knowledge translation.