Aaron Sanqui

Aaron SanquiAaron SanquiStudent Academic Placement, Research Analyst

Aaron is in the process of completing his undergraduate degree in Honours Psychology (BA). He completed his first and second years at Carleton University before deciding to transfer to the University of Guelph to complete the rest of his degree. Aaron has chosen to take a gap year and work before heading down to Guelph in the fall of 2020.

He first started at Waypoint in June of 2019 under the Canada Summer Jobs program, where he was given the opportunity to work at the hospital’s Research Institute. Here he was able to work on many projects, such as helping with the update of the ODARA 101 website and training modules as well as with the hospital’s cultural safety projects. He is also a member of the North Simcoe Youth Wellness Hub’s evaluation working group, being one of the representatives for Waypoint and helping them with their local evaluation project. Aaron is learning plenty of useful skills while working at the Waypoint Research Institute, many of which he is looking forward to applying when he returns to university!

Keywords: Student, LGBTQ+, Youth, Mental Health and Wellness, Personality Disorders

Research Interests

Aaron would like to focus his work on the overall mental health and wellness of the LGBTQ+ community, more specifically youth who identify as such. He is also interested in doing some work regarding the development of personality disorders.


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