Desneige Frandsen

Desneige FrandsenDesneige Frandsen, BA (Hons), Research Analyst

Desneige Frandsen is a research analyst at Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care, she holds an honours bachelor degree from the University of Guelph in Criminal Justice and Public Policy with a focus in Sociology. In school, she worked on a project with the goal of better connecting First Nations reserve communities and their nearby municipalities; this helped spark her interest in research. Although she is a new researcher she has been very active in her role on all of her current projects. As of right now Desneige is working on several projects with her primary focus on wrapping up an I-HeLTI funded project titled VOICE: Vision for Outcomes by Implementing Cultural Education which focuses on providing Indigenous cultural safety in the mental health care setting. She is currently also listed as a co-investigator on a Women’s XChange 15k Challenge funded project titled Finding the Rainbow: Experiences of Individuals who Identify as 2SLGBTQ+ within a Psychiatric Hospital Setting and a submitted Canadian Institutes of Health Research project grant titled Cultural Appropriateness and Safety of a Mental Health Assessment Tool Among the Indigenous Communities of Canada. Most recently Desneige has also become involved with a potential project which relates to life promotion through the use of Indigenous cultural understanding and tools.

Desneige is very curious and full of ideas, she hopes to continue to further dive into research to gain new and additional knowledge that is needed to support the lives and mental health care of all groups and individuals.

Keywords: Human Rights, Mental Health, Indigenous

Research Interests

Human Rights Research, Power Minority Research, Indigenous Research, Women’s Rights Research, 2SLGBTQ+ Research, Mental Health Research, Quality of Care Research, Access to Mental Health Services Research, Humanities Research


Frandsen, D. (2019) [Review of the book The ghost garden: Inside the lives of schizophrenia’s feared and forgotten]. International Journal of Mental Health. Advanced online publication. doi: 10.1080/00207411.2019.1699682

Frandsen, D., Ball, L. C., & Elliott, G. (2019. May). Respectful research: Navigating different worldviews in a multi-cultural team. Workshop presented at the Waypoint Research Institute 7th Annual Conference, Barrie, ON. 


Student / Volunteer Opportunities

Desneige is unable to support student/volunteer opportunities at this time.

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