Sonja Addison

Sonja AddisonSonja Addison, BA (Psych), BID, CRA, Research Analyst

Sonja is part of the Trauma in the Workplace research team, and manages the systematic review and scoping review on PTSD workplace factors and interventions for mental health care workers. The reviews’ affiliation includes Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care, University of Toronto, The Royal Ottawa Health Care Group, University of Ottawa and the Public Services Health and Safety Association. She earned her post-graduate certification as a Clinical Research Associate at McMaster University. Prior to Waypoint, Sonja was the program director for a community-based research organization overseeing undergraduate and graduate level research projects, developing multi-stakeholder research partnerships, and spearheading innovative program development strategies. Her research work has included R&D of patient-transfer slings to reduce nurse or caregiver injury, mobile toileting systems, an adaptive winter wear provisional patent for the ageing, and psychometric measurements.


Research Interests

PTSD risk factors and prevention, assistive devices for the ageing, rehabilitation and product design, community-based research, patient-oriented research, psychometric assessments, implementation science, healthcare outcomes, quality improvement and health systems 

Publications (Page 80, Novel Sling System Design, 4.1 Single Roll Sling)


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Sonja is unable to support student/volunteer opportunities at this time.

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