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Research & Academics Office

Atrium Building

The Research and Academics Office is responsible for facilitating and administering research at Waypoint. Our team 
supports Waypoint researchers and their collaborators in any health profession in many ways, including by providing guidance on research administration and ensuring adherence to policies and procedures.


The Research and Academics Office:

·           Provides project management expertise

·           Conducts library searches on requested topics

·           Identifies new research grant opportunities across various funding agencies

·           Assists with developing research partnerships and collaborations

·           Reviews, edits and revises research proposals

·           Helps develop and justify grant budgets

·           Provides guidance and suggestions for knowledge mobilization and translation


Steps to Conducting Research at Waypoint:

Ø  Develop research idea

Ø         Follow Waypoint research procedures, guidelines, timelines, and policies

Ø         Find funding opportunity

Ø         Develop impactful proposal and reasonable budget

Ø         Submit proposal and budget internally at Waypoint and externally to funding agency

Ø         Upon successful funding, set up research account and manage funds

Ø         Report back to funding agency

Ø         Mobilize the new knowledge through publication, presentation, and other venues



Please contact us at:  [email protected]