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Medicine Wheel welcomes Indigenous visitors
Medicine Wheel welcomes Indigenous visitors
Medicine Wheel
Standing: Anna Pavsic, Julius Kalmar, Helen
McLeod, Austin Mixemong & Janna Sharp
Sitting: Glenn Robitaille & Rachel Dart

Indigenous patients and families will now see a clear sign they are welcome with the addition of a medicine wheel to the hospital's main lobby.

Presented to Traditional Healer Austin Mixemong by the Barrie Area Native Advisory Circle (BANAC), the wheel includes the teachings of Elder Loretta McDonald.

“The wheel doesn’t just contain one teaching but many,” says Austin. “The four sections refer to different things depending on what teaching is needed at the time, including the four directions, four sacred medicines, four aspects of humankind and four colours of humankind. No matter what teaching is being used, the medicine wheel brings comfort and wisdom in its teachings.”