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Keeping our focus on safety and security
Keeping our focus on safety and security
Job Fair

Waypoint has always maintained a focus on the safety and security of our patients and staff. Over the last couple of years, the hospital received a total of 59 recommendations in this area: five from the 2016 Auditor General of Ontario report; 47 from an external third-party risk assessment; and seven from the Public Services Health & Safety Association's Violence, Aggression and Responsive Behaviour (VARB) toolkits. 

Teams across the hospital are busy implementing plans for all the recommendations, with an estimated completion timeline of three years. As a result, we’re happy to report more than 30 recommendations are already complete, including:  

 * Revised process for the distribution and testing of personal alarms
 * Revised operational procedures
 * Installation of additional mirrors to address blind spots
 * Successful job fair to fill vacancies across the hospital

These recommendations, and the work completed or underway, support Waypoint’s strong organizational focus on physical security, therapeutic security and occupational health and safety.