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Victoria Justason

Victoria Justason, BScH, Research Analyst

Victoria first started as a volunteer for the Waypoint Research Institute (WRI) where she assisted on a validation study of the Waypoint Elopement Risk Scales (WERS). This project was later submitted to meet the requirements for her undergraduate degree. In June of 2019 she was hired by the WRI as a student researcher where she worked with Dr. Liam Marshall and Dr. Zoe Hilton. She has conducted research with Dr. Marshall that includes an analyses of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) and continued work on the Waypoint Elopement Risk Scales (WERS). Additionally, she has worked with Dr. Zoe Hilton on a longitudinal study examining institutional outcomes of forensic patients. She later became a Research Analyst in September of 2019 where she assisted with the data collection and analysis for both the ECT study as well as the Forensic Inpatient/Institutional Outcomes study.

Victoria completed her degree in Honours Psychology (BScH) at Laurentian University in Sudbury. She is planning on starting her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology in the upcoming year.

Keywords: Forensic Psychology, Inpatient Violence and Aggression, Restraint and Seclusion

Research Interests

Victoria is very interested in doing work in Forensic Psychology, more specifically inpatient violence/aggression, restraint and seclusion, and personality.


Marshall, L. E., Justason, V., Dupuis, M. (2019). Risk for elopement: further validation of the Waypoint Elopement Risk Scales. [Manuscript in preparation]


Student / Volunteer Opportunities

Victoria is unable to support student/volunteer opportunities at this time.

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