Frontline Wellness Program
Frontline Wellness

Frontline Wellness

Working in healthcare can take a toll. Many healthcare workers are experiencing feelings of stress, grief, or burnout. It is important to recognize the impact of this stress on your wellbeing. Help is available. Building coping skills and resiliency can help you get and stay healthy. 

If you are a healthcare worker and you feel like you need support for your mental wellness, help is available. 

You are able to access confidential support, by phone or online, working with a mental health professional.

After completing the self-referral, you will have a confidential assessment with a clinician. They will work with you to determine your needs and connect you with the right services for you.

What is Frontline Wellness?
Frontline Wellness is a free, confidential, low barrier support that healthcare workers and healthcare organizations with supports and access to services to help them enhance resilience during these stressful times and help manage mental health challenges. 

How does it work?
To access Frontline Wellness
  * Complete the self-referral form and book an initial appointment
  * If you are a leader at a healthcare organization looking to book a Mini
     Wellbeing Workshop for your team, please email   
     [email protected]

For questions and inquiries
 * Call Frontline Wellness at 705-549-5144 
    or 1-877-341-4729, ext.5000

Healthcare workers can access supports quickly and easily using our online form. You will be able to select a time for one of our clinicians to contact you to discuss your needs and connect you with the supports that are right for you. These could be services offered by Waypoint Centre or other community partners. Most services will be offered virtually (by phone or video conference), although there is the option for in-person support, and the entire process is completely confidential.

After conducting an initial intake, you will be scheduled for a 1-hour session with a therapist who will talk to you about your concerns and discuss the menu of services available to you, including a flexible plan for brief therapy intervention, symptom management and support, as well as evidence-based cognitive behavioural therapy strategies. This means you can expect to begin receiving services and support soon after reaching out.
 *1:1 services are available in French through The Royal Ottawa

Our services can include:
  •  1:1 Intervention
        o  Free, confidential support
        o  Symptom management
        o  Cognitive behavioural therapy techniques
        o  System navigation
  •  Group Offerings
        o  Safe and supportive setting
        o  Learn new coping skills
        o  Encourage resilience and wellbeing
  •  Wellbeing Mini Workshops
        o  Designed for your team and their unique needs
        o  Focus on the pillars of wellbeing
        o  Create a culture of connection

Who is this service for?
Frontline Wellness access and supports are available to anyone in Ontario who works in a healthcare or social care setting, including healthcare volunteers, students on clinical placement, frontline healthcare workers and other healthcare workers not in direct patient contact. 

How will you ensure my confidentiality?
Waypoint is committed to protecting your personal health information through every aspect of our referral and assessment process and throughout your care.

Waypoint is one of five hospitals in Ontario offering this service supported by the Mental Health and Addictions Centre of Excellence at Ontario Health. For more information please visit 
COVID-19: Get support if you are a health care worker.

**Frontline Wellness is not a crisis service

If you are experiencing a mental health or substance use emergency, please contact 911 or go to your nearest emergency department. 

To talk to someone now:
 * CMHA Simcoe County Crisis Line
    Call 1-888-893-8333
    Available 24/7

 * Talk Suicide Canada
    Call 1-833-456-4566
    Available 24/7
    Text 45645 4pm-midnight 


To self-refer and book an initial appointment, please CLICK HERE

Are you a leader at a healthcare organization looking to book a
Mini Wellbeing Workshop
for your team?
Email Frontline Wellness for more information.

For questions and inquiries, please contact Frontline Wellness at
705-549-5144 /
1-877-341-4729, ext. 5000
or email Frontline Wellness

Frontline Wellness
Visit Frontline Wellness

Check out the Frontline Wellness Program's The Coping Club
The Coping Club is a drop-in, virtual, psychoeducational group for frontline and healthcare workers. The focus is on learning new strategies to cope with stress with topics covering deep breathing, grounding, mindfulness, positive self-talk, self-care, good sleep hygiene, boundaries, and communication. 

The program runs as a virtual drop in and registration is NOT required! Sessions run from Sept. 12th to Dec. 12th weekly on Tuesdays at either 12:15 or 6:45pm. 

Click here for more information

Frontline Wellness Program's The Coping Club