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Annual Report 2021
2021 Annual Report Cover


In a year full of uncertainties, our patients and families, staff, board members and volunteers rose to the challenge under changing and difficult circumstances as a result of the global pandemic, showing compassion and care for each other.

Despite disruption to daily routines, visits and meetings being virtual, and communication often only through email and phone, we haven’t lost sight of the fact that everyone is carrying us through this pandemic. We saw the innovation and dedication of our staff, and the strength of our patients and families as they faced outbreaks, isolation needs, hours of wearing masks and personal protective equipment (PPE), and often rapid changes in the matter of a day. We also saw an outpouring of appreciation and kindness from colleagues across the hospital and our community in the form of donations and gifts. 

While it will be hard to ever truly recognize the full scope of dedication we have seen this past year from our physicians and staff, our thanks is heartfelt. We celebrated staff excellence with the virtual Core Value Awards, acknowledged their long service with 25, 30 and 35 year milestones, and celebrated Pride Week with the first ever Pride Flag raising at the hospital. 

We miss our volunteers desperately, but we know they are cheering us on while they stay safely at home. Our Board of Directors have continued to meet virtually to help guide our hospital through these challenging times. A special thank you to our retiring board members, Catharine Bayles, Elisabeth Riley, and Cathy Backman, for their support and dedication to mental health care. 

While most of their fundraising activities are on hiatus, the Waypoint Volunteer Association has still been able to financially support the hospital with generous donations. And while we can’t have volunteers in the hospital, they still came out in droves to help sew isolation gowns as part of Operation Sew, adding over 650 washable isolation gowns to our PPE stock.

Whether their actions are simple and special, or grand and complex, in the hospital, in the community, on our clinical units, or behind the scenes, all of our people are truly inspiring. This is certainly a year where the very depth of our mission as a Catholic hospital committed to excellence in specialized mental health and addictions services, grounded in research and education, and our faith based values have been put to work in everything we do. 

Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy reading our 2021 Annual Report to learn more about our focus and accomplishments as we continue on the journey to meet our Strategic Plan objectives of Serve, Discover and Lead.

Carol Lambie
President and CEO 
Betty Valentine
Board Chair