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eConsult Services are now available for Primary Care Providers (PCP).via the Ontario eConsult Program though OTN Hub.

eConsults are intended for specific questions about patient care (e.g. medication optimization) and allow for  a more timely and convenient means of consulting with our Outpatient Specialists for non-emergent issues. You can now send questions about your patients, their medical history and their test results for review through a secure, online platform, enabling you to expedite access to specialist advice.

eConsults will be responded to within 7 business days. You can bill K738 when you submit the eConsult ($16.00). If you already have access to the Ontario eConsult service, please consider using it for your patients. If you would like to set up access to eConsult, you can contact [email protected] for assistance.

You can send an eConsult by selecting the Waypoint Outpatient Psychiatry group option once you initiate an eConsult and searching the group by name. For more information on how to submit an eConsult this way visit

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Advice through eConsult
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Access to Waypoint Family, Child and Youth
Advice through eConsult
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