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Ryan Khosrovaneh

Ryan KhosrovanehRyan Khosrovaneh
Student Academic Placement 

Ryan Khosrovaneh joined the Waypoint Research Institute in June 2023 on a Student Academic Placement, where he is involved with Dr. Canning’s Patient Oriented Research (POR) project. This CIHR funded project will build capacity for conducting POR across various forensic mental health care settings by informing the development of standardized practices and procedures for forensic POR to develop tools to improve the quality of care of forensic mental health patients. 

Ryan is 
currently enrolled at Queen’s University in the Bachelor of Health Sciences Program where he is entering his fourth year of study. During his time at Queen’s, Ryan has worked as a teaching assistant for introductory physiology and in his final year at Queen’s, he will be completing an undergraduate thesis project researching the immunological profile of bladder cancer patients.

the past few years, Ryan has also been extensively involved with research in the local community through completing a co-op placement at the Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre (RVH) and was a recipient of the 2022 RVH Summer Student Research Award. In his spare time, Ryan enjoys volunteering with various organizations in his local community. 

Keywords: patient oriented research, forensic mental health care, teaching, volunteering. 

Research Interests

Immunology; patient oriented research; quality improvement. 


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