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Waypoint's commitment to Indigenous communities
Waypoint's commitment to Indigenous communities

For many years Waypoint has included the commitment to fostering healing and inspiring hope in our strategic plans and patient guidance documents. Through the uncovering of unmarked children’s graves on the grounds of residential schools, we are learning more about Canada’s history and listening carefully and respectfully to understand how we can move forward to a better future. 

Along with Canadians everywhere we search for understanding and how to express our sorrow and regret, and reflect on what fostering healing and inspiring hope means as we continue the healing journey. As a Catholic hospital, we acknowledge the importance of taking action and standing together with our many Indigenous partners as we seek to do better for our patients, clients, families, staff and community.

We mourn this terrible tragedy and the trauma residential schools have caused. This revelation causes us to further review our work as a mental health and addiction hospital in trauma informed care, cultural sensitivity and competency, and what we are doing to support our Indigenous population. To show our respect and offer our condolences, we have raised a new flag at the hospital. Designed by Ryan Walsh, an employee at Mamaway Wiidokdaadwin Primary Care Team, the flag is an expression of our commitment to our partners and everyone we serve to move forward together – to learn from history, to be part of healing and offer hope for a better and stronger future.

We will:
  * Stand with those asking the Catholic church and other collaborators in the residential school system
     for full transparency, and to honour all commitments, including financial, to move the work of
     reconciliation forward.

  * Continue to listen to, engage with and learn from our Indigenous Health Circle partners. 
  * Continue supporting the research efforts of Indigenous partners to create better outcomes for patients,
     clients, families and communities.

  * Build on the many commitments we have made to support our patients and community.

We know the road ahead of us is long; we commit again to continue learning and advancing the healing journey.
Indigenous Flag The flag that now flies at Waypoint represents the bear clan (Mukwa), which is tasked with medicine and healing. The floral designs, unique to the Ojibwe and Métis, are vegetation and represent life. The bear is walking forward toward the future, promoting hope and a greater experience of healing. The medicine wheel has many applications, all of which have balance as one aspect, with the primary meaning symbolizing the unity and importance of the races.