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Staff Feature Stories


What matters to you matters to us

What matters to you matters to us. Together, we can create a brighter future for those in need.

We are introducing a new series focused on sharing stories of our staff, the work they do and
impact they have on providing compassionate care to those we serve. 

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 Chris Prete Chris has been a Registered Social Worker on Waypoint’s Bayview Program for Dual Diagnosis since 2008. “Same desk, same chair” on the fifth floor of the Toanche Building, he remarked with a smile. He is deeply committed to helping patients who have completed their care in the hospital transition to a community setting.

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 Dr. Katie Bingham A crucial member of the Specialized Geriatric team is geriatric psychiatrist Dr. Katie Bingham. As NSM SGS physician lead since 2022, she helps craft strategies for the provision of compassionate and patient-centred care, and also networks with partner organizations on service delivery and shared priorities. 

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 Peter Dangerfield  

Peter Dangerfield never expected a job at Waypoint would involve caring for the people who care for patients.

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 Mara Muraven  

Dr. Mara Muraven, a forensic psychiatrist at Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care, keeps a “rainy day folder” in her desk.

A place to record good feedback and positive outcomes, it reminds her of the excellent work the hospital does fostering a healing environment for patients in its provincial forensic mental health-care programs.

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 Madison Tait, Shift Nurse manager at Waypoint

Adventure might be built into Madison Tait’s DNA.

Mountain biking and cliff jumping are more recent examples of the adrenaline hunting that has always been part of her makeup, but a chunk of Tait’s childhood was spent roaming the continent with her free-spirited parents.

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 Malcolm McDiarmid

Malcolm McDiarmid must be the only nurse practitioner (NP) in Ontario whose first career steps included heating/air conditioning installer and marine biologist.

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 Lindsay Burrus  


Lindsay Burrus hasn’t stopped learning since arriving at Waypoint for a 2008 student placement that turned into a career. The organization’s Tuition Support Fund, which was introduced in 2009, has been a key factor in aiding her scholastic journey.

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Humza Shahid  It's amazing the difference a few hours can make. That is one of the lessons Humza Shahid has learned in the almost six months he has been a volunteer at Waypoint.

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 Jenna Davis  

Jenna Davis joined North Simcoe Muskoka Specialized Geriatric Services (NSM SGS) as a recreation therapist in 2021. Today, she is the acting manager of the Geriatric Mental Health Community Team.

Such advancement is only partly a testament to her own abilities, said Davis. Even more than that, it’s evidence of the mentors who have helped her along the way.

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 Dr. Becky Van Iersal

Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care may have a baby in Nepal to thank for its Medical Director of Integrated Care.

These days, Dr. Becky Van Iersel can be found overseeing the physical health needs of hundreds of patients within the organization.

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 Celissa Vipond Celissa Vipond had her eyes trained on Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care even before she started working here.

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Blair Bridge

Blair Bridge isn’t someone who stands still when it comes to professional growth.


The healthcare professional started his career at Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care (Waypoint) in 2018 as a personal care assistant (PCA). Soon after, he passed his nursing exams and became a registered nurse.

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