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Specialized Geriatric Services are hospital and community-based health care services supporting frail seniors and their caregivers. Care is provided by a team of health care professionals with expertise in geriatric medicine and geriatric psychiatry. The team supports the assessment, diagnosis and initial management of issues commonly seen in seniors with frailty. Team members typically include:   
   * Specialist physicians like Geriatricians, Geriatric Psychiatrists, and Care of
      the Elderly Physicians;
   * Nurses;
   * Occupational Therapists;
   * Physiotherapists;
   * Pharmacists;
   * Social Workers; and,
   * Clinical Dietitians.
Who is a 'Frail' Senior?
While most seniors live healthy and active lives, some become frail, facing complex health problems putting them at risk of losing their independence. This can increase the risk of Emergency Department visits, hospital admissions and/or long-term care home placement. These seniors often have multiple medical conditions and can face challenges like dementia, depression, falls, weakness, polypharmacy and other issues.  Often there are social situations at play which impact the senior’s home situation or caregiver supports.   All this together creates a complex situation requiring a specialized team to support assessment, diagnosis and treatment. We often say that a frail senior is like a house of cards …. pull one card out and things start falling apart!
How is the NSM SGS program making a difference?
The North Simcoe Muskoka Specialized Geriatric Services (NSM SGS) Program is working with experts and partners across the NSM region to continue to improve the quality of care provided to frail seniors and their caregivers.  Our hope is to allow people to live as safely and independently as possible where they choose!  As leaders in specialized geriatric services, we are:
   * Redesigning existing services, adding new services and increasing the
      number of care providers on our teams;
   * Building capacity by providing education and mentorship for care
      providers, promoting leading practices of care and making providers and
      the public more aware of specialized geriatric services; and,
   * Working with leaders locally and provincially to advocate for change in
      planning and policy to optimize the opportunities available in regard to
      seniors care.

What Services are available within the NSM SGS Program?
Specialized Geriatric Services

For further information on North Simcoe Muskoka Specialized Geriatric Services, please visit the website at www.nsmsgs.ca.

North Simcoe Muskoka Specialized Geriatric Services Clinical Design Report and Recommendations

North Simcoe Muskoka Specialized Geriatric Services Clinical Design Appendix A
2017-2019 SGS Education Strategy