STOPCOVID Research Project
#STOPCOVID Research Project

As part of Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care’s COVID-19 pandemic response, a team of dedicated researchers from the Waypoint Research Institute are contributing their unique skills by implementing a critical initiative: “Surveillance to Optimize Prevention of COVID-19” (STOPCOVID).

This initiative aims to ensure we are doing everything possible to protect the health and well-being of all Waypoint employees during this pandemic. The project actively tracks self-reported information, to identify and monitor exposures and cases of COVID-19 more accurately, contributing to the greater health and well-being of everyone working at Waypoint. This information will be valuable in real-time to support decisions and actions made by Waypoint to improve our pandemic response.  

If you are currently employed by Waypoint, whether you’re working in one of our locations or remotely, and you want more information on how you can participate, please refer to PenNIE or email the team at

For all others, including media representatives, if you have any questions about the study as it progresses, please contact the team at

Together we can #STOPCOVID.

STOPCOVID FAQs     STOPCOVID Flow Diagram     STOPCOVID Consent Form
STOPCOVID FAQs     STOPCOVID Project Flow Diagram     STOPCOVID Consent Form