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ew service provides coping and wellness support to workers on the front lines of COVID-19
New service provides coping and wellness support to workers on the front lines of COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed our lives, and health care workers, care providers and
Allison Jones of the COVID Frontline Wellness Program

"The program has assisted over 40 clients from
across the province with services ranging
from brief therapy, psychiatric consultations,
treatment planning with primary care, 
collaboration with other mental health services
and service navigation. Feedback has been
positive with clients reporting high levels of
satisfaction with ease of access as well as
effectiveness of the interventions."

~ Allison Jones

COVID Frontline Wellness program

first responders are being called to new levels of service in these unprecedented times.
The reality of being at the front-lines of COVID-19 puts these workers at risk of developing increased symptoms of anxiety and depression, and anyone with pre-existing mental health conditions is at even higher risk of worsening symptoms. 

As a leader in mental health and addiction treatment, Waypoint has launched COVID Frontine Wellness in collaboration with Ontario Health's Mental Health and Addictions Centre of Excellence. Waypoint is one of five hospitals across the province who launched similar programs for frontline workers impacted by stress related to COVID-19. 

“We need those who are caring for us to be both physically and mentally healthy and we are pleased to offer this new direct service where you can talk with someone about your concerns and needs," says Carol Lambie, Waypoint President and CEO. "The COVID Frontline Wellness program offers supports to enhance resilience, and care and treatment for mental health and addiction challenges.”

COVID Frontline Wellness is confidential, free, and allows people to self-refer to a virtual clinic - making access fast and easy.  Those in need are able to speak with a Waypoint clinician as a first start to understanding what services are available and to develop a flexible plan of support.  The program includes partnerships with the province for on-line anxiety and depression treatment such as Cognitive Behaviourial Therapy (CBT), access to free counselling under the Ontario Structured Psychotherapy Program, as well as a variety of other resources and tools for psychological health and wellness.

“This is care for our frontline workers and first responders when they need it most and we hope they will reach out for help if they need it.” says Lambie.

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