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Get to know the Patient/Client and Family Council
Get to know the Patient/Client and Family Council

The Patient/Client and Family Council (PCFC) is a peer-led, non-profitQuote from Yvette Brook from PCFC organization committed to using personal experiences to improve mental health & addiction services for individuals and their families through support, education and advocacy.

PCFC was established in 1994 at a time when all Schedule 1 psychiatric hospitals were mandated to create a structure or patient council where service recipients could be heard. Nine patient councils were created, but the PCFC is one of the last few survivors. This is due in part to the vision of both Waypoint and the PCFC to partner in an effort to highlight the patient and family voice and improve their experience of the services provided. 

“To this partnership, we bring not only our own stories and lived experience, but a broad voice, of many voices, of those who have received services both within the hospital and in the community,” says Yvette Brook, PCFC Executive Director. 

Check out some of the services offered by PCFC. For more information on any of these programs or to connect with the Patient/Client and Family Council, please visit

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