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Community Consultation Services - Dual Diagnosis
Community Consultation Services - Dual Diagnosis

A specialized psychiatry consultation service for individuals with an intellectual/developmental disability who are experiencing mental health concerns and/or may also have adaptive, challenging and aggressive behaviours. The main purpose of our service is to provide a comprehensive psychiatric consultation focusing on diagnostic clarification and medication review with recommendations to the primary care provider. The team partners with families and community partners using a collaborative approach to ensure treatment recommendations are implemented and effective.

Who is Eligible?
Individuals who are 16 and older who have a diagnosis of Intellectual Disability and/or Autism Spectrum Disorder with significant adaptive/behavioral challenges including self-injurious behavior and/or aggression.

How to access the program?
Primary care providers complete the Waypoint Referral Form and submit referrals to the Central Intake department.   

What happens after a referral is submitted?
Once the Central Intake team approves the referral, a clinician will contact the client to schedule their initial assessment.  Following their initial assessment, clients will be provided with an appointment for a consultation with a psychiatrist.  Follow up will occur with the clinician in collaboration with the psychiatrist to ensure treatment recommendations are implemented and effective.

Contact Information
Please contact Central Intake for further information.
Phone (705) 549-3181 ext. 2308
Fax (705) 549-1812