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A bench in loving memory of Dr. Robert Dickey

A bench in loving memory of Dr. Robert Dickey

A new bench sits in our Century Garden honouring the memory of Dr. Robert
Michael Williams 
Michael Williams pictured with the bench he
donated in honour of his partner and best friend
Dr. Robert Dickey 

Dr. Dickey, a psychiatrist who spent many years caring for Waypoint patients, sadly passed away in January 2020. 

Colleague and friend Mary Kraftscik remembers him as a large-in-spirit man with a tremendous amount of knowledge, "I learned so much from him and continue to hear his voice in my head occasionally," she shares. "He encouraged staff to think on their own and to be confident in their assessments. He was collaborative, always willing to listen to the team, valued the teams he worked with, and ensured they knew it. Dr. Dickey was also a funny guy, a storyteller who could have staff in stitches. His down to earth presentation made everyone feel comfortable. We lost a great psychiatrist, but we also lost a great man. He is missed."

The bench was donated by Dr. Dickey's partner and best friend Michael Williams (pictured), and offers patients, families and staff a peaceful, quiet spot for reflection or a visit with loved ones.