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FAQs - Before Orientation

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Before Orientation

This section is in addition to the more detailed information provided to new hires in the Pre-Employment Guide sent by your recruiter.

Do I need to submit a Parking Permit Application Form?  Pay parking is in place for staff at Waypoint. If you will be driving and parking at Waypoint, you will need to provide your vehicle information. Please complete and return the form provided in the Pre-employment Guide to your Human Resources (HR) Assistant.

If you don’t drive and will not require a parking pass, please fill out and return the opt-out section of form to your Human Resources Assistant.
Click to download the Parking Permit Application

Where do I Park for Orientation?

Please see the Waypoint Foundations section for information about parking on your first day of orientation.

Do I need to provide a Criminal Record Check?
It is a condition of employment that a new hire provide an original and satisfactory police record check prior to being scheduled to work. The Hospital will pay for this pre-employment expense if you obtain your police record check through myBackCheck. A registration link will be sent to you by your Human Resources Assistant. Please follow the instructions to complete your check. 

If you already have an original criminal record check, it may be provided as an alternative to myBackCheck, but it must be recent and within three months of your start date.

Please see the Pre-employment Guide for additional information or reach out to your assigned Human Resources (HR) Assistant.

Do I have to provide my Social Insurance Number (SIN)?
It is a requirement of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) that Social Insurance Numbers (SIN) be confirmed by employers for the purposes of T4 slips and eligibility to work in Canada. This means we will need to see your SIN card. 

If you are unable to provide us with your card, please go to Service Canada and get a SIN Confirmation Letter. You will need to bring primary and secondary identification with you to Service Canada.

Please click on the following link to learn more about the identification documents Service Canada will accept.

What do I need to provide to Occupational Health?
Please complete the Employee Health Review form found in the Pre-Employment Guide provided by your recruiter. The form and documents can be emailed to the Occupational Health Nurse at [email protected]

Questions about your requirements can also be emailed to the same email address. Please note: TB testing is available at Waypoint.

How do I complete my OPSEU (union) Membership Application form? 
Please complete the membership application by clicking on the link below.
If you need help, please reach out to one of the contacts below for issues or questions about completing your application form.
  * Justin Le Gros [email protected] 
  * Sean Hazell [email protected]

How do I receive more information from OPSEU?

If you would like to receive updates from our local 329, please visit the two links provided below. 
  * Email Distribution sign up:
  * Facebook:

How do I let you know that I speak French or another language? 
Please complete the French Proficiency template to let us know about your ability to speak French or another language to better serve our patients.