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FAQs - Waypoint Foundations

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Waypoint Foundations

Do I need to screen for COVID before orientation? Who do I contact if I don’t pass the screening?
One of our most effective strategies in minimizing transmission at Waypoint is the strict adherence to our screening tool. Carefully review the screening questions below before coming to Waypoint. If you are sick or presenting symptoms of COVID or if you answer “yes” to any of the screening questions, you cannot attend orientation. If either pertain to you, please notify Kelly Taylor, via email [email protected] and she will contact you to discuss next steps.
Click here for the COVID Screening Poster

What is the hospital address?
Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care is located at 500 Church Street, Penetanguishene.

Where should I park when I arrive?Arriving at Waypoint directions
Arriving from Fuller Avenue, turn left at the Waypoint electronic sign onto Georgian Bay Drive. Orientation parking is in Lot “A” Pineview (beside the brick house on your left). If you don’t park in this location, you risk getting a $30 non-refundable parking fine. Arriving at Waypoint directions

Accessible parking is located in front of the Atrium and Administration Buildings (further down the road). 

You will receive your Waypoint issued parking pass at orientation as well as info about the parking program.
Waypoint Grounds Map

Where is the classroom located? Directions to Waypoint entrance
From Parking Lot A, turn left and head towards the Waypoint buildings following the path shown in the picture. 

Atrium EntranceYou will enter the large glass doors into the Atrium Building (marked with the red star) and follow the orientation signs to the classroom.

What should I wear to Waypoint Foundations?
Orientation is informal so please dress comfortably (business casual). The temperature in the training room can fluctuate so dressing in layers may be helpful. Your photo for your ID badge will be taken when you arrive. 

What should I bring to Waypoint Foundations?
Prior to orientation, the Human Resources Assistant (HRA) will be reaching out to you to request documentation required for onboarding. If you are unable to scan/send these documents ahead of orientation please ensure you bring them with you on your first day of orientation. These documents may include: 
  * A copy of your SIN: needs to be either the SIN card OR something from Service Canada or Canada
     Revenue with your full name and SIN on it. All 9 digits of your SIN must be displayed. Waypoint
     cannot accept your SIN number verbally. 

  * A copy of your Driver’s License or Photo ID
  * Banking Information: Either a direct deposit form or void cheque
  * Parking Application Form 
  * New Hire Emergency Contact Form
If you have sent these items to the HRA prior to orientation, you do not need to bring them to orientation unless otherwise instructed by the HRA. 

Who do I talk to about a physical or environmental concern that may affect my learning?
If you have a physical or environmental concern that may affect your learning (i.e. accessibility, disabilities etc.) or any other orientation-related questions, please contact Kelly Taylor by email [email protected]

Can I smoke/vape at Waypoint?

Waypoint is a tobacco/smoke/vape-free environment. These items should not be brought with you into a Waypoint building. 

Can I take a local bus to Waypoint? 
Waypoint is on a local bus route. Please visit the following municipal pages for more information. The transit system that services Waypoint is a partnership with both towns. 
 * Town of Penetanguishene transit information
 * Town of Midland transit information

Can I wear perfume or aftershave to Waypoint?
Please avoid using scented perfumes, aftershave lotions, hairsprays, or other scented personal products when coming to work. Scented products contain chemicals that can cause serious problems for people with asthma, allergies, migraines and environmental illness.

Is there somewhere for me to buy a meal/snacks?
Our Bay Café Micro Market offers full-service meals, snacks, and beverages 24/7 – providing convenient options for those early mornings, throughout the day, late nights and even on weekends. 

When will I learn about my work schedule after orientation?
On the first day of orientation, nurses, Patient Care Assistants (PCA) and Operational Support Workers (OSW) will have an opportunity to meet with a member of our Staffing Office to discuss our scheduling process and to have questions answered.

If you are not a nurse, Patient Care Assistant or Operational Support Worker, please contact your manager directly for information about your program/department orientation or your work schedule.