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Homes for Special Care

Group home living is not for everyone but if you are recovering from a serious mental illness, concerned about feeling isolated and think you might benefit from a higher level of support and encouragement, check this out.

The Homes for Special Care Program offers more than just a place to live. It provides a supported living environment with meals and assistance with daily living. The program provides for financial assistance for eligible clients, clothing, medication, medical needs, access to recreation and social activities, transportation and other supports intended to promote your recovery, mental health and well being.

Make a referral

Please talk to your Mental Health Service Provider to see if this is an option for you. They can call our office to discuss the potential of a referral, and the likelihood of vacancies that will match your needs.

Please Note: Referrals to the Homes for Special Care Program must be completed and submitted through a Mental Health Service Provider.

Application for the Homes for Special Care Program requires completion of the following to complete the referral package:

Additional forms:
    * HSC medical form
    * Application for Reduction in Home for Special Care Rent and Care Fees 
    * Financial Responsibility Acknowledgement for Tenants of Homes for Special Care 

    * Background information (i.e. recent psychosocial assessment,
       admission/discharge summary, a brief summary with rationale for