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#ShowtheLove to Long-Term Care Homes and Retirement Homes in North Simcoe-Muskoka
#ShowtheLove to Long-Term Care Homes and Retirement Homes in North Simcoe-Muskoka
Posted on 02/16/2021
Specialized Geriatrics Services Program#ShowtheLove to Long-Term Care Homes and Retirement Homes in North Simcoe-Muskoka 

The North Simcoe Muskoka Specialized Geriatric Services (NSM SGS) program is encouraging North Simcoe Muskoka area residents, groups and organizations to participate in a campaign aimed at lifting the spirits of those living and working in long-term care and retirement homes.  

COVID-19 has impacted everyone but especially older adults in long-term care homes and retirement homes. “As a result of COVID-19 restrictions, older adults in care homes have become socially isolated from family and friends. For many, activities in their homes have been reduced or stopped to minimize the risk and spread of the virus, creating loneliness and isolation for many,” says Sandra Easson-Bruno, Director of the NSM SGS program.  “Staff in these homes are working tirelessly to support the needs of the residents, with many often working long hours”.  

To show our support and encouragement for those living and working in these care homes, the NSM SGS program is asking local communities to join the campaign: 

  * Participate in our social media campaign and post a video message, photo, letter or piece of art to social
     media channels, using #ShowtheLove and #NSMSGS between February 17 – 20. The messages
     will be sent to care homes and shared on various social media channels in a compilation video.

  * Write letters, draw pictures and/or make small signs of support and encouragement for residents and staff
     and deliver them to a care home in your community.  Mark them as #ShowTheLove and
     remember to mask and physically distance when you drop them off!

At January 15, 2021 in Ontario, 60,318 older adults age 60+ were identified as COVID+ representing, 21.4% of all COVID-19 cases and 95.7% of all COVID-related deaths.  Of the total 6,596 deaths in the province at that point, 47.2% of them were residents of long-term care homes.  

In the month of January 2021, Simcoe Muskoka seniors 80 years of age and older had the highest rate of infection, with over 90% of these cases associated with an institutional outbreak. 

For information, or to arrange a virtual or phone interview about the initiative, contact:
Sandra Easson-Bruno, Director, North Simcoe Muskoka Specialized Geriatric Services [email protected]  
Tel:  705-417-2192 x102 
Follow us at or on Twitter at @NSM_SGS