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Emailing Service Recipients

Emailing Services RecipientsWaypoint Email Communication

What you need to know about email communication with your Waypoint health care provider

Why email?
Email is an easy way to keep in touch with your Waypoint Health Care Provider. 

What is ok to email?
* Scheduling appointments
* Information and resources
* Housing
* Employment, education and recreation 

What is not ok to email?
* Urgent issues or matters requiring an immediate response
* Jokes, spam, chain letters 

* Give us your verbal consent - Click here
* Ensure you have the Health Care Provider’s email address which includes
* Send us the first email so we know its you

Waypoint will:
* Take every reasonable precaution to protect your privacy while exchanging email

You can:
* Withdraw your consent at any time
* Determine what information you want to share and what information you don’t want to share
* Decide how you want to be addressed in the email, for example by your initials, with your first name only, etc.

Waypoint's policy guides the use of email communication between service recipients (clients, family members, Substitute Decision makers and community providers) and health care providers.

The information shared via email can be related to health teaching, scheduling appointments, information or resources regarding an illness, housing, employment, education, recreation or other professionally responsible supports. Waypoint does not use email to provide psychotherapy or other forms of talk therapy, or to share a diagnosis.

Click here to print this information

Important things to remember:

1. Once the process is initiated and you’ve given consent, the Health Care Provider will respond within two business days. If they are away, you will receive an out of office notice.

2. Other people or community partners can also receive email communication from Waypoint with your approval. This requires signing the consent to release personal health information form.

3. Emails from Waypoint are not encrypted, and may be vulnerable to access by unauthorized persons. 

4. Emails sent from Waypoint are scanned for viruses.

5. Your employer has the right to review emails you receive on their computers, to ensure your privacy, you should use a personal email account.

6. Web based email addresses, such as Hotmail and Gmail, are not hosted on Canadian soil and are not protected by Ontario or Canadian Privacy laws.

7. To protect your privacy: 
     * choose a secure
     * remember to sign out of
       your account
     * don’t print, forward or
       leave your email open on
       your computer.