Family Child and Youth Program
Family, Child & Youth Program
The Family, Child & Youth Program is an interdisciplinary team providing community-based mental health care in a collaborative care model for the full spectrum of mental health conditions.

The team provides initial consultations and follow up mental health care to children, youth, and their families, covering the full spectrum of mental health challenges and disorders.

Care is provided in a trauma-informed, family focused format both virtually and in-person at the Community Health Hub in Midland, or at regional affiliated primary care settings. Initial consultations and follow up care are provided in partnership with primary care.

Referrals must be provided from a primary care provider for this program. 
For referral criteria, please see the Referral Form.
Once your referral has been received your primary care provider will receive a notice that it has been accepted, and you will receive a notice that is has been accepted. We will call with an appointment time two months prior to your scheduled appointment.
Upcoming appointment? Here's what to expect
To complete:
  * Parent questionnaire
  * Scales - 

Parent/caregivers/community supports are welcome to attend. Youth and adolescents will be seen independently by the physician - parents/caregivers will have the opportunity to participate in the appointment, dependent upon consent from the patient.

Difficulty connecting to OTN? Contact Waypoint’s Telemedicine coordinator at 705.549.3181, ext. 2002 or [email protected]
The team
  * Dr. Robert Meeder, Pediatrician
  * Dr. Peter Braunberger, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist
  * Dr. Joseph Oliver, Pediatrician
  * Julie Buss, Administrative Assistant
  * Katharine Vanderboon, Administrative Assistant
  * Lisa Wilson, Registered Nurse
  * Tracy Wilson, Registered Social Worker

Contact Information
Telephone: 705-526-0567
Fax: 705-526-2462
Please contact us with questions about the status of your referral.