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Liam Marshall
Liam MarshallLiam Marshall,PhD, RP, ATSAF, Researcher

Liam has an extensive background encompassing over 20 years as a therapist and consultant in many correctional and mental health facilities. In 2013, Liam joined Waypoint as a researcher in the Research and Academics Division, along with being a clinician in the Provincial Forensic Programs Division (high-secure division). He has conducted research, provided treatment, training, and consulting on offender and offenders with mental health problems for over two decades at several institutions and facilities. He has over 100 peer-reviewed publications, including four books, including, most recently, The Wiley-Blackwell handbook on the assessment, treatment, and theories of sexual offending. Volume: Treatment (John Wiley & Sons), co-edited with Dr. W. L. Marshall. He is a board member and reviewer for many international journals, including Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity: The Journal of Treatment and Prevention. He has made numerous international conference presentations on offender and mental health issues regarding sexual behaviours, as well as on anger disorders, domestic violence, and problem gambling. Liam has delivered trainings in over 20 countries for therapists and other staff who work with sexual, violent, and other offenders, as well as offenders with mental health problems. He attained his PhD in Developmental Psychology at Queen’s University in 2010, and has a BA (Hons) and MA, also both from Queen’s.

Research Interests

Violence in forensic mental health care settings, sexual and violent offenders, efficacy of psychotherapy, attachment, empathy, hypersexuality


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Student / Volunteer Opportunities

Liam is interested in working with students and volunteers on his research activities.