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Sarah Allen

Sarah AllenSarah Allen
Student Academic Placement 

Sarah Allen joined Waypoint for an 8-week student academic placement at the Waypoint Research Institute in June of 2023. She is pursuing an Honors Specialization in Kinesiology with a Bachelor of Science at the University of Western Ontario, entering her third year of study in the fall. Sarah hopes to complete a senior science research project in Kinesiology in her fourth year at Western. 

At Western, Sarah is a student leader and mentor to incoming first-year students. Additionally, she assists in leading and planning Research and Awareness Summits in London for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) at Western. Sarah works to raise awareness and make information about MS more accessible to patients, families of patients, and members of the general public interested in educating themselves about MS and the resources available to them.

Sarah also works with Community Living London and leads weekly classes for individuals with disabilities and different neurodivergent backgrounds. This work generated her interest in mental health, addiction, and intimate partner violence. At Waypoint, she will be focusing on various Knowledge Translation and Quality Improvement Projects.

Keywords: kinesiology, knowledge translation, quality improvement.

Research Interests

Mental health; etiology and behaviour associated with substance addiction and recovery; sport and psychology.  


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