Ontario Telemedicine Network

Ontario Telemedicine NetworkOntario Telemedicine Network

Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) is a video conferencing system that provides a secure link to clinical, education, and administrative events providing a face-to-face interaction. This technology links Waypoint to many offsite organizations to provide patient care. 

The administrative and education functions allow staff to participate in networking events on and off site, providing real time communication. 

The clinical usage allows psychiatric assessments, patient meetings, specialist’s appointment, etc. to occur without our clients having to travel. Initial assessments, follow-up appointments, family visits, pre-admission assessments are just some of the clinical ways we are utilizing OTN at Waypoint. During a Telemedicine clinical event, clients can see, hear, and talk to their health care professionals or family just as they would if they were in person. Waypoint offers Telemedicine services at our main campus in Penetanguishene, as well as at our outpatient services location in Midland. 

If you would like to schedule an OTN appointment with your family member or one of our care providers, please contact the client’s social worker or Waypoint’s Telemedicine coordinator at 705.549.3181, ext. 2002 or telemedicine@waypointcentre.ca

For more information on how to join your video appointment, visit otn.ca/video-evisit-help.