Horizon Program for Geriatric Psychiatry

Horizon Program for Geriatric Psychiatry

The Horizon Program for Geriatric Psychiatry serves patients 65 or over with signs and symptoms of a psychiatric disorder, as well as persons under 65 with Alzheimer's or other dementing illnesses.  

The program endeavours to provide a safe and secure environment for our patients. The unit features a large day room, a large secured patio area, a dining room and rooms available for therapy, activities and visiting.

Visiting a patient
Visiting hours are from 10 a.m. to 8:50 p.m. daily. Visitors are encouraged to visit with the patient's consent and children are welcome with adult supervision.

Visitors are asked to contact the program/social worker prior visiting. On some occasions, patients may refuse to meet with visitors, even though they may have travelled a considerable distance. When this occurs, we respect the decision of the patient and we will provide support where appropriate. Waypoint may also restrict visiting hours for clinical or security reasons