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We will strive to meet the highest possible standards in services and support
We will strive to meet the highest possible standards in services and support

Every person can expect:

a) That we will provide the basic necessities for
you at Waypoint. This includes: a bed; meals and snacks; showers or baths and access to outdoor space. We try to make the space as private as possible however it is communal living.

b) Care teams at Waypoint will include several professionals working together with you to support your recovery. The team will communicate as much as possible so you won’t need to share your story, your questions or your worries repeatedly.

c) That we will listen to you. We will ask questions that help us to understand you and what your hopes are for recovery.

d) That we will tell you about ourselves. You will know our names, what our qualifications are, and what roles we have.

e) That we will encourage, and support you as you work hard in achieving your recovery goals.

f) That we will keep a clinical record that describes our assessment as well as the care we provide.
This record contains facts and avoids unfounded conclusions, prejudice, or value judgments.


g) That you can view your clinical record if you wish. A clinician can be with you when you view it so you can have questions answered. If you disagree with the information on the clinical record, it may be corrected or you may be able to add a note saying you disagree.

h) When you leave Waypoint we will help you through this transition and to get the supports you need.

i) That if you want a second opinion from another psychiatrist, we will help you to get one.

j) A variety of therapeutic activities to support your recovery including recreation, leisure opportunities, education and employment support, as resources and availability permit.

k) Waypoint will strive to provide services, such as psychotherapy, CBT, DBT and other evidence-based practices, as resources and availability permit.

l) When a service or therapy you wish to use is not available at Waypoint, we will support you in your lawful choice to explore other resources in the community.