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We will include people who receive care in treatment decisions
We will include people who receive care in treatment decisions
In accordance with the law, every person can expect:

a) Rights advice through independent Rights
Advisors at Waypoint who can inform you about
your rights and answer any questions you have.

b) We will explain all treatments or research we recommend and provide information in writing
if you prefer, so you can make informed decisions.

c) That your consent to treatment or research
can be withdrawn at any time, or as permitted by law.

d) That the results of assessments, diagnoses, treatments, and how those treatments can affect
you, will be carefully explained to you.

e) That we will ask you about the effects of medications you have taken in the past, including
any drug and alcohol use.

f) If medications are being suggested, the reasons and benefits will be explained to you, and you can
ask questions about the effects and side effects.


g) That you will be offered evidence-based treatments and be informed of alternative treatments to medication, as resources and availability permit.

h) That if you are not well enough to understand or decide about treatment or research, a family member or a third party will make your decisions until you are well enough to decide for yourself. If this happens to you, you will be informed of your legal options.

i) To have one’s decision to participate in research or to decline to participate in research respected, and to not be pressured to participate if you are not comfortable doing so.

j) If you decide to be involved in research studies, to receive guidelines to inform you and make sure you understand the reasons for the research and any risks associated with the research. You are free to ask questions any time, or to change your mind.

k) To have a choice whether research or clinical students will work with you.