Bayview Program for Dual Diagnosis

Bayview Program for Dual Diagnosis

The Bayview Program for Dual Diagnosis is a patient-centred specialty care program providing a suite of services to individuals with a developmental disability and mental health needs. Involvement and cooperation of family, caregivers and physicians is encouraged and considered essential in providing a supportive network that meets the patient's needs.


This unique program combines expertise in developmental disabilities with psychiatry to offer the patient and their caregivers specialized services.

Treatment may include:

Psychiatric assessment

 Outreach services
Medication review  Discharge planning
Psychological assessment  Transitional discharge
Behavioural consultation  Recreational activities
Individual counselling  Advocacy
Family counselling  Spiritual and religious care
(Pre) Vocational rehabilitation  Physiotherapy
Skills development/maintenance  Occupational therapy

Visiting a patient

For the most up to date information on visitor restrictions, please see Visiting a patient 

Visitors are asked to contact the program/social worker prior to visiting. On some occasions, patients may refuse to meet with visitors, even though they may have travelled a considerable distance. When this occurs, we respect the decision of the patient and we will provide support where appropriate. Waypoint may also restrict visiting hours for clinical or security reasons.