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Annual Report 2021 - Maximizing the effectiveness of the electronic health record to enhance patient care

It’s been four years since Waypoint implemented the MEDITECH Electronic Health Record (EHR) - a major leap forward in adopting evidence based clinical practices and efficiencies to enhance patient care.

Ready for the next step, Waypoint and partner hospitals Ontario Shores and The Royal, known collectively as the Mental Health-Health Information Systems Cluster (MH-HIS Cluster) updated the EHR with cutting edge technology designed to improve efficiency and connect patient care across the spectrum.  The MEDITECH Expanse upgrade gives a new look and feel to the EHR, providing a number of new web-based features which will enhance the view of every patient’s story. It will also provide an improved documentation experience for clinicians by incorporating improved displays, navigation tools, customizable features, and easier access to information (think fewer clicks, and simpler templates!).

The first phase of this project involved a complete technical review of the MEDITECH environment hosted at Waypoint, ensuring that the right resources were in place to support the transition. Phase two involved the actual upgrade to MEDITECH Expanse, with a seamless transition integrating the existing workflows while improving patient care delivery efficiencies and patient safety. 

The third phase will implement MEDITECH Web Ambulatory functionality, which will impact all outpatient clinicians and further improve clinical workflows and patient engagement through digital health. As the provincial government continues to transform the health care system and introduce Ontario Health Teams, connectivity amongst health care providers will be a key element of the strategy to create an integrated, seamless system of care. 

"Seeing the patient’s entire medical journey allows clinicians to more easily identify risks and make more timely, better informed decisions leading to improved outcomes."