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Responding to COVID-19

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Universal Masking to Continue at Waypoint

While masking requirements in other settings will expire on June 11, 2022, Waypoint is committed to keeping patients, staff, and visitors safe through a continuation of mandatory masking within the hospital.

Health experts have agreed continued use of masking in hospital settings remains a simple and necessary safeguard. Masking helps prevent the most vulnerable patients from contracting COVID-19. It can also prevent transmission of COVID-19 to health-care providers, keeping people healthy and at work. Hospitals across the province are challenged with Health Human Resources and all efforts must be made to prevent further transmission of COVID-19 within hospitals. Simcoe/Muskoka Medical Officer of Health Dr. Charles Gardner is also publicly encouraging the continuation of mask wearing indoors.

Staff, visitors and everyone arriving at all Waypoint locations will continue to be required to wear a surgical mask and patients continue to be encouraged to wear masks when off the unit and in the community. Masks are available at all Waypoint entrances.

Visitor Information

Visits are permitted and must be scheduled 72 hours in advance. Proof of vaccination with QR code and photo ID is required for all visitors, or proof of medical exemption. Some limited exceptions apply such as palliative situations. 

All visitors must check in with the hospital before a visit, pass COVID-related screening questions, and wear appropriate personal protective equipment regardless of whether the visit takes place indoors or out.

Eating and drinking is not allowed during visits. Commercially produced and prepackaged/sealed foods that do not require refrigeration may be brought in for individual patient consumption on the program after the visit


For more information on visiting, please contact the hospital at 705.549.3181 or 1.877.341.4729 and speak a member of the care team. You may also visit our Visitor Page for more information. 

Visitor Vaccination Requirements
All visitors must also provide a QR code with proof of vaccination (two doses) and photo identification, or proof of medical exemption. Some limited exceptions apply in all circumstances such as palliative situations. 

Personal Protective Equipment
Personal protective equipment is required for everyone at the direction of staff, and consists of at minimum a surgical mask. Home-made or external masks are not permitted as we cannot ensure the quality, cleanliness or use of appropriate hygiene practices for these products which, if not done properly, may pose an additional risk to patients and staff. 

Due to COVID 19 all-volunteer programs are temporarily suspended. We are not accepting and/or processing new volunteer applications until volunteer operations resume. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

COVID-19 Vaccine Information
Dr. Kevin Young shares information on COVID-19 vaccine booster/Moderna hesitancy and Dr. Rob Meeder shares information on vaccinating our kids.

Download Dr. Young's slides
Download Dr. Meeder's slides

Dr. Kevin Young, Medical Director - Integrated Care discusses the safety of the COVID-19 vaccine and dispels the myths.


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What to do if you think you might have COVID-19? 

To book an appointment at the Midland COVID-19 Assessment Centre:
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Or Call 705-526-7804
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