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Patient/Client & Family Council

Who We Are

The Patient/Client & Family Council is a non-profit organization partnering with mental health and addiction service providers across the region to improve the system. All PCFC staff and volunteers have personal experience with the mental health or addictions systems, either directly or supporting a loved one. We understand what it is like to live each day being affected by mental illness.

The number one objective of the PCFC is ensuring that people living with mental illness and addictions have the best quality of life, both within the hospital setting and in the community.

The Council offers resource information, support, and education to service users, providers, and are contracted by a number of organizations, Waypoint included, to partner for system improvement both locally and at the broader regional/provincial level.

PCFC Services

The PCFC strives to have a strong voice in the mental health system by:

  • Offering support to patients and their families
  • Assisting with system navigation and offering resources

  • Represent service users on hospital committees, working groups and policy development/consultations

  • Sharing the client & Family voice to partner for system improvements

  • Facilitate a variety of peer-led support and self-help groups and services

  • Provide 1:1 Peer Support and transition services

  • Offer Education, a robust Volunteer program and supported employment opportunities

  • Network with other regional and provincial Peer initiatives


Statistics indicate that 1 in 5 people will experience a mental health issue
in their lifetime. At times, the road to recovery can feel daunting and overwhelming for both the individual and also for those supporting
a loved one on their path.  Reaching out to others on a similar journey
can help lighten the load.  You are not alone.

We have offices located at both Waypoint and the Community Health Hub located in Midland. Through our partnership with Waypoint we sit on most hospital committees and are involved in the development of Waypoint policies, systems & procedures that affect the patient’s day to day life.


705-549-3181 or 1-877-341-4729 ext.2222 or [email protected]

More information about the PCFC can be found at including current groups and available services

Patient/Client and Family Council Logo

Our Vision

A Mental Health Community, guided by the experiences of its users, where everyone is supported to cope, heal and thrive beyond Mental Illness.


Our Mission

We are a peer-led organization committed to using our personal experiences to improve Mental Health & Addiction services for individuals and their families, through support, education and advocacy.


Our Values