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Swim in the pool

What you need to know about swimming at Waypoint

SwimmingPublic access to swimming is coordinated by the Town of Penetanguishene. If you would like more information please contact the town at 705-549-7453 or visit their website at

When arriving at the Atrium Building, you will see the central entrance and front lobby are connected to the patient areas of the hospital as well as various staff office areas. 

Please note that paid parking is in effect at Waypoint. Visitors remain exempt from paid parking but are required to park in the marked Visitor Parking spaces available on the campus (see map). Visitor Parking spaces are marked in green on the attached map. Parking Lot A has the largest number of visitor spots so this may be where you want to check first. You do not require a tag if you are in a Visitor Parking space

If you arrive at Waypoint and all Visitor parking spots across the campus are in use, please visit security staff at the Toanche building main desk to obtain a visitor parking tag to put in your vehicle. 

While at Waypoint we would like to remind you of the following:

* Like all public hospitals protecting our patients’ privacy is a legislated requirement. Please be respectful of
   our patients and their confidentiality and privacy.
* All children and youth under the age of 18 should be accompanied by an adult while in the hospital or on
   the grounds.
* Photography is not allowed on the campus. 
* Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the grounds.
* The community is welcome in our front entrance, front lobby and the hallway leading to the pool corridor.
   The Toanche and Administration buildings, and the downstairs auditorium area in the entrance of the
   Atrium Building are closed to public access.
* Change rooms are provided. Swimwear should only be worn in the pool area and everyone should be
   dressed in street clothes in all public areas of the hospital.
* You are required to monitor your children at all times both inside the hospital and on the grounds. Please
   be mindful of noise levels, running and not leaving bags, toys, purses etc. unmonitored or in traffic
* Children should not be playing or running on our roadways or in parking areas as these are busy traffic
   areas as well as emergency response routes. 
* Please ensure you are aware of the location of the fire exit in the pool corridor. If you are in the main
   lobby the fire exit is the front entrance of the building.


Some items are restricted on hospital property such as tobacco, alcohol, recreational marijuana and other substances deemed illicit. Weapons or weapon-like items of any kind are not permitted on grounds. Please review what you are bringing to the hospital in your coats, bags or car. Restricted items should be left at home or if forgotten, in a locked car.  

If you have questions for Waypoint, you may contact us via the general inquiry email at [email protected].