Rehabilitation Services

Rehabilitation Services

Rehabilitation Services promotes recovery through education, employment, peer support, personal care, social, recreational, community integration and transition from hospital to community.

The program works in partnership with clients to increase independence, wellness, purpose, attain personal goals and become active participants in the community.  Services are offered within the hospital setting at the Penetanguishene campus and at the Community Health Hub at 287 Bayshore Dr., Midland.
Here's what we offer:
Education Services

  * Supporting people to develop and achieve their educational goals.

  * Collaborate with community educational facilities to support clients in their chosen endeavours.

  * Assist clients in accessing available funding opportunities.

Vocational Services

  * Support people to develop employment readiness skills. 

  * Support people to choose, attain and maintain meaningful work.

  * Match the abilities of people with the needs of business.

  * Provide job coaching and ongoing support to both the employee and employer.

Recreation Services

  * Support and assist people to explore, develop, enhance and maintain meaningful recreational pursuits
    and leisure lifestyle.

  * Develop a positive attitude toward leisure involvement.

  * Offer individual and group goal-oriented programs.

  * Increase awareness and access to cultural/social and recreation opportunities in the local community.

  * Assist individuals to build skills towards becoming active members of the community.

Music Therapy Services
Music Therapists:
  * Support people in reaching their mental health recovery goals in a creative and therapeutic environment
  * Collaborate with people by using evidence-based music strategies such as musical improvisation,
     therapeutic songwriting, and active music listening

  * Offer individualized treatment plans that build upon people’s unique strengths and experiences
  * Provide Music Therapy services in both 1:1 and group settings

How to access the program?
For Rehabilitation Services (including HERO Centre) referrals or inquiries, please email [email protected].