Awenda Program

Awenda Program

The Awenda Program provides high quality programs for males with a serious mental illness or who may be dually diagnosed, within a highly structured high-secure environment.

Activities on the Program are aimed at decreasing risk, eliminating suffering and increasing quality of life. The highly structured daily activities provided are designed to teach and promote socially acceptable behaviours while working on rehabilitation and treatment to stabilize a serious mental illness.

Special information for patients, families and visitors
The focus of the Awenda Program is supportive hospitalization with a specific purpose of managing symptoms, mitigating risk, improving quality of life and stabilization of the symptoms of serious mental illness. Assessments, including Quality Care Reviews, will be completed and an individualized care plan will be created and reviewed monthly. We encourage you and your Substitute Decision Maker (SDM) to participate in Case Conferences so that we can be as thorough as possible and you are both informed. You will be supported in defining and voicing your recovery needs. You will receive information on Metabolic Syndrome. We will strive to promote hope, growth, healing, empowerment and support all your needs.

Visiting a patient
For the most up to date information on visitor restrictions, please see Visiting a patient 

Visitors are asked to contact the program/social worker prior to visiting. On some occasions, patients may refuse to meet with visitors, even though they may have travelled a considerable distance. When this occurs, we respect the decision of the patient and we will provide support where appropriate. Waypoint may also restrict visiting hours for clinical or security reasons.

For safety reasons, common areas of the program are monitored by video recording. No cameras or recording devices are allowed in the program.

The following articles should not be brought into the hospital or mailed to any patient:
Jewelry and other valuables, knives or cutlery, whether plastic or metal, scissors, knitting needles, razor blades, plastic bags, pop cans or glass bottles, medicine, alcohol, or tobacco products, lighters, matches, or other items that could be dangerous to the individual, fellow patients, or staff members.

Phoning a patient
Call 705-549-3181 or toll free at 1-877-341-4729 and ask for the Provincial Forensic Programs front desk. Your message will be delivered to the patient.

A more comprehensive information booklet is available upon request from the Social Worker.



How to access this service
Referrals to Waypoint’s forensic mental health programs are accepted only through the court system or under the jurisdiction of the Ontario Review Board. We do not admit individuals directly from the community to these programs.

For more information about this program and whether or not it is suitable for your needs please contact 705 549-3181 extension 2665.