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Abdul Hamid Dabboussi

Abdul Hamid DabboussiAbdul Hamid Dabboussi, MScCS
Research Analyst

Hamid Dabboussi joined Waypoint in July 2023. He recently completed his Masters of Science in Computer Science at York University under the supervision of Dr. Manar Jammal. He completed his Bachelor of Science degree at Bilkent University with a major in Computer Engineering. He is currently working with Dr. Andrea Waddell under the supervision of Dr. Christo El Morr and Dr. Elham Dolatabadi to develop and implement a machine learning model for mental health emergency warning systems. Abdul Hamid has previously worked on exploring generative models for traffic data augmentation where he published multiple peer-reviewed papers on the matter.

Abdul Hamid’s research has been primarily in the field of machine learning where his interests lie in the application of machine learning to other areas. Abdul Hamid also has experience in software development where he has worked on multiple large-scale projects. In his free time, Abdul Hamid enjoys exploring hiking trails.

machine learning, prediction models, generative models. 

Research Interests

Generative models; GANs; applied machine learning; predictive and forecasting models.  


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