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Florence Tang

Florence TangFlorence Tang, BA, MA
Research Analyst

Florence holds a BA in Linguistics and Psychology from the University of Toronto and an MA in Criminology from Wilfrid Laurier University. Her Masters thesis explored the subjective experiences of Healthcare Serial Killers in the context of Neutralization Theory. She is finishing up her PhD program, where she is currently examining whether Adler’s theory of Individual Psychology can offer a cogent and cohesive theoretical framework for serial murder development and motivation.

Florence is skilled in both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies and is passionate about producing research that reduces prevalent stereotypes about atypical violence. Florence is joining Waypoint as a Research Analyst. With Dr. Cara Evans and Dr. Heather Bullock, she will assist in conducting evidence-based research to improve mental health care systems across Ontario. She is happy to chat about topics related to crime analysis, data analysis and homicide.

Keywords: atypical homicides, interdisciplinary research, data analysis, criminological theory. 

Research Interests

Individual psychology; serial murder; mixed methods research; linguistic deception; psychopathy.


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