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Tyler Szusecki

Tyler SzuseckiTyler Szusecki, BA
Research Analyst

Tyler Szusecki joined Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care as a Patient Care Assistant in 2020, where he developed strong working relations with the clinical staff which are used to facilitate research in the high secure atrium within his current role as a Research Analyst. He graduated from York University in 2019 with a B.A. (Honours) in Psychology with a focus on forensic populations, where he wrote his undergraduate thesis on the effect of stigmatization on the rehabilitation and recidivism of criminal offenders, and in 2023, he published his first research manuscript on the prevalence of workplace violence in conjunction with Dr. Konkoly-Thege.

At this time, Tyler is interested in measuring the effects of sexual assault trauma and early childhood adversity on the cognitive development of youth, and is working towards the goal of completing a Master’s and PhD in developmental psychology. Beyond research, Tyler can be found coaching children’s and adult’s jiu jitsu on the weekend and during his free time or working on his novel which has been in production since 2020.

posttraumatic disorder, sexual assault trauma, stigmatization, rehabilitation, recidivism.

Research Interests

Sexual assault-related c-PTSD; early childhood adversity; cognitive development; self-harm reduction.



The prevalence and mental health correlates of exposure to offensive behaviours at work in Hungary: results of a national representative survey:


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